The Caperton Center will initially focus on completing a gap analysis of all schools’ existing business partnerships and crafting a plan to revitalize and sustain their impact on students and communities statewide.

Equity & Access

With a focus on helping traditionally underserved students, the Caperton Center will help foster new business partnerships specifically aimed at strengthening student equity and access to quality education through a broad array of programs, services, and events.


The Caperton Center will have the flexibility to respond quickly to new challenges and direct resources to emerging priorities - more important now than ever before.

Under Development

Under Development

Coming Soon: Interactive Partnerships in Education Map

Upcoming Events

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East Hardy HS + Hardy Communications

Wheeling Park HS + Olgebay Institute

Fayette County Schools Work Exploration Program

Meet the Steering Committee

Sharon Rowe
Dan Foster

Richard Adams
Marty Becker
Dan Foster
Adam Krason
Bob Orndorff
Howard Seufer

Sally Barton
Christina Brumley
Gat Caperton
Amelia Courts
Tom Heywood
Lloyd Jackson
Joe McDonie
Susan Shumate
Joanne Jaeger Tomblin
Bill Wilmoth