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Thank you to the 200+ business, education, and community colleagues who joined us for this year’s West Virginia Education Summit focused on “AI and the Future of Work: Partnerships for Student Success”  The WV Education Summit brought together educators, industry experts, policymakers, and students to explore the vital role of AI in shaping career pathways for the next generation.

About the 2023 Summit and Our Expert Speakers

More than 200 business, community and education leaders participated in The Education Alliance’s 11th annual West Virginia Education Summit on October 11, 2023.

This year’s Summit focused on AI and the Future of Work: Partnerships for Student Success.

The event, hosted by The Education Alliance and held at the Coliseum and Convention Center in Charleston, featured a mix of industry and education experts who shared innovative strategies that will jumpstart student success in the rapidly evolving world of AI.

“In a rapidly evolving world where AI technologies are transforming industries and reshaping the job landscape, preparing our students for the challenges and opportunities ahead is crucial,” said Dr. Amelia Courts, President and CEO of The Education Alliance. “The WV Education Summit brings together educators, industry experts, policymakers, and students to explore ways we can partner together to ensure our students are well-equipped for success in an AI-driven future.”

News Coverage

Matt Sigelman

Matt Sigelman - President, The Burning Glass Institute

Matt Sigelman, President of the Burning Glass Institute, is our esteemed keynote speaker at the WV Education Summit. A true visionary, he has redefined the comprehension of work dynamics through real-time labor market data. With adept use of AI, Matt has deciphered global talent trends, drawing from extensive experience at Emsi Burning Glass and roles at McKinsey & Company. His insights will illuminate the impact of AI on careers, workforce resilience, and societal advancement. Don't miss this indispensable opportunity to join Matt as he guides West Virginia's students towards an AI-empowered future.

Amy Grady

Senator Amy Grady - WV State Senator

Senator Grady was elected to the West Virginia Senate in 2020 and appointed Chair of Senate Education in the Fall of 2022. In addition to serving in the Senate, she is also a teacher in Mason County. She began her career in education as a Title I Interventionist but has been a 4th grade classroom teacher at Leon Elementary for the past 16 years. She and her husband, Jack, reside in Leon and have enjoyed being married for 20 years (and counting). They have three children: Rhett (16), Eastyn (11), and Chesney (7).

Sara Stankus

Ashok Aggarwal- Co-Founder and Managing Partner, M&S Consulting

Mr. Ashok Aggarwal is a seasoned tech entrepreneur and co-founder of M&S Consulting, where he's driven AI and ML solutions for practical business problems. He's also a co-founder at Intermed Labs, an award-winning MedTech Startup Studio, known for its AI-driven prosthetic innovations. Aggarwal's expertise lies in combining traditional enterprise challenges with cutting-edge technology trends, making him a valuable advisor to businesses seeking comprehensive solutions.

Sean Frisbee

Sean Frisbee - President, Vertx Partners

Retired Air Force Colonel Sean Frisbee founded Vertx Partners in 2021 to solve problems for the U.S. Air Force while bettering the economy of West Virginia. A former President & CEO of the WVU Alumni Association and once the Systems Program Director for the Pentagon’s F-22 Raptor program, Sean brings a veritable wealth of insider knowledge and cooperative know-how to Vertx’s mission to transform WV into a powerhouse for the national defense industry.

Becky Harless

Becky Harless - Vice President, CAMC/Greenbrier Valley Medical Center

Rebecca "Becky" Harless, MBA, is the Vice President of CAMC/Greenbrier Valley Medical Center with over 20 years in healthcare. Instrumental in launching the telemedicine service at CAMC, she saw its transformative potential for patient care. This innovation made healthcare more accessible, enhancing its quality. In 2021, Becky's leadership in telemedicine earned recognition at the Teladoc Forum, underscoring her commitment to utilizing technology for better healthcare. At CAMC/Greenbrier, she's pivotal in ensuring top-tier healthcare for the community. Her visionary leadership, adaptability, and drive mark her as an industry stalwart, inspiring future healthcare professionals.

Josh Spence

Josh Spence - Chief Information Officer, Alpha Technologies

Joshua D. Spence, CISSP, is a tech leader specializing in cybersecurity and technology governance, facilitating growth and security for businesses and nonprofits. He served as the State of West Virginia's CIO after a stint as CISO, overseeing vital digital transformations and enhancing cyber defense. In 2023, he became the CIO at Alpha Technologies, a Putnam County-based MSP, spearheading tech solutions, risk management, and innovation. A two-time Marshall University graduate, Josh is also a dedicated cyber operations officer in the West Virginia Air National Guard and actively contributes to his community, including mentoring young leaders as cubmaster for local Pack 236.

Marlon Moran

Marlon Moran - LYNX Advocate Teacher, Frederick H.S. MD

Mr. Marlon Moran is a LYNX Advocate at Frederick High School in Frederick, Maryland. His role as a LYNX Advocate transcends the traditional role of a teacher in that his focus is on developing, creating, and maintaining strong partnerships with community and business partners. In 2017, Mr. Moran was hired as a LYNX Advocate to help design and develop LYNX experiences and fulfill the unique role of a LYNX Advocate. As a LYNX Advocate, Mr. Moran supports students with their academic goals by facilitating career exploration opportunities, academic tutoring, and discussing educational options for students post graduate careers. Mr. Moran’s experiences and expertise made him the perfect person to take on the role of a LYNX Advocate.

Tracy Valach

Tracy Valach - Founder of Nature's Mountain Classroom, Adventure Pocahontas

Founder of Nature’s Mountain Classroom, Tracey Valach holds degrees in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism and Communications Studies from West Virginia University. As an avid outdoorswoman, she has always been passionate about getting all kids and families outside. Living in a community where the outdoors is a huge tourism industry, Tracey found that locals weren’t taking advantage of the outdoors because it was “for tourists.” Wanting to change that mindset, Tracey created Nature’s Mountain Classroom to encourage all students in the county to experience all the outdoors has to offer. Tracey gets immense satisfaction from watching her own two children and all her students find joy in the outdoors.

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