What is Partnerships in Education?

A strong, skilled, and resilient workforce is vital to West Virginia’s future. Ensuring a strong link between our education system and our business community is critical in this effort. The Partnerships in Education initiative supports and recognizes local schools and districts in the development of strategic partnerships with local businesses and community organizations. Through strong, strategic, and intentional partnerships, West Virginia schools have the potential to prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in today’s workforce.

In 2022 The Education Alliance:
● Cultivated 135 school-business partnerships aimed at creating opportunities for students across West Virginia.
● Partnered with schools to serve 14,180 students through a variety of programs including mentoring and internships.

Partnerships in Education are growing. We are working to develop new resources to support your needs. To receive help in establishing or enhancing an existing school-business partnership, please complete the registration form below.

Register your school/business partnership using the link below:

Sally Barton
304-342-7850 ext. 2