Welcome to the WV Ready Graduate website. The WV Ready Graduate a collaborative program, bringing together businesses, educators, and community members to provide a “snapshot” of a West Virginia Graduate who is ready to succeed in the real world, and to make that “snapshot” a reality by making big shifts. 

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The WV Ready Educator Playbook is a set of easy to understand, step-by-step instructions for Educators on how to get the West Virginia Ready Graduate started in your district and ideas for implementing it within the classroom. 

Businesses can positively impact West Virginia Students by hosting interns for our WV Ready Summer Internship program or by partnering with their local school district to provide expertise and support. 

The road to becoming a well-rounded and Ready Graduate starts here. If you’re interested in the WV Ready Graduate and want to take steps towards readiness on your own, click here for a step-by-step guide to becoming West Virginia Ready.

WV Ready Partnership Award

As part of the WV Ready Graduate initiative, The Education Alliance has partnered with West Virginia Public Broadcasting and 84 Agency to host the WV Ready Partnership Award, with a prize valued at more than $10,000 going to three winning partnerships that teach and exhibit WV Ready Graduate attributes. Click here to learn more.