West Virginia is in a significant period of transition from both an economical and educational standpoint. The Education Alliance is playing an active role as a catalyst in this transition by continuing to connect communities, businesses, educators, and students to shape a new West Virginia.

Evidence of this can be seen in the overwhelming success of our Education Summit, where business, community and education leaders volunteered their time to share strategies for improving public education. Thanks to the success of our first two summits, we are already making plans for our next summit in the fall.

This past year has been an exciting one. The Alliance launched several new initiatives and programs that build upon the positive momentum of the past and expand our work into more areas of the state. Just in the last year, we have added four new counties to those being served by our programs, added part- time staff in those regions, doubled our social media followers, and kicked off our new speaker series, EDTalks, in two of the fastest-growing sections of the state: the north-central and eastern panhandle regions. By designing programs specifically for these areas, we are targeting our organization to have a statewide impact and help address the needs of all West Virginia students.

We are working hard to evaluate all of our efforts and to measure our impact by concrete results. This year’s annual report provides a robust analysis of the powerful impact that our outreach efforts are having on West Virginia students. While the lists and statistics are substantive, the personal stories are even more impressive. Please take a moment to share in our progress as you read personal stories about the individual lives our organization is touching.

I want to thank our Board of Directors and our state’s business and community leaders for their support and demonstrated commitment to a stronger public education system. Together, we can change the future!


Amelia Courts, Ed.D.