The 2018 Annual Report marks a momentous time in the history of The Education Alliance as we prepare to celebrate the organization’s 35th year anniversary. The report highlights the profound impact of business and community collaboration and support for public education throughout the past year. Our theme, “Partnering for the Future” reflects a look back at the successes of the 2017-18 school year as well as a look ahead to the upcoming anniversary celebration. It illustrates our belief that through teamwork and collaboration, West Virginians can work together to improve our students’ success and to grow our state’s future.

The Education Alliance is 100% committed to mobilizing business and community partnerships to support schools and to improve student outcomes. Under the direction of the Board of Directors, we adopted a new strategic plan that aims to support 1,000 new partnerships by 2020. This report provides rich data that highlights how our programs and partnerships have moved the needle toward those strategic goals in this past year.

We believe that every West Virginia student can and should graduate ready to begin a career or pursue additional education and training. Our efforts to promote Partnerships for the Future are rooted in this vision. While we acknowledge there are many challenges facing students across the state, we believe that programs such as our AmeriCorps on the Frontline dropout prevention initiative, our STEM Network Schools programs, and the Born Learning early literacy program provide a clear roadmap of Partnerships for the Future. These initiatives are shining examples of coalitions that equip students for success.

I want to thank our Board of Directors and the state’s business and community partners for their leadership and demonstrated commitment to education. Together, we can strengthen and grow Partnerships for the Future of our students and our state.


Amelia Courts, Ed.D.