PROJECT: Energizing steM Education in Rural West Virginia 

Energizing steM Education is a collaboration of 3 rural West Virginia counties designed to help students build a strong foundation in Math. The program uses a two part approach to strengthen math in elementary grades and engage families / communities in the broader effort. First, this project will implement the computer-based Reasoning Mind program in 26 schools in the participating counties and serve approximately 2,200 students. With its PK-5th grade supplemental curriculum, it is unique among online education providers in the scope as well as the rigor of its content; moreover, its teacher support and training is unparalleled. In addition, as part of its ongoing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education efforts, The Education Alliance’s will assist participating districts to implement a comprehensive STEM communication outreach plan to students, families, and their communities. The public engagement outreach effort will promote a greater public understanding of the need for STEM, build STEM career awareness, and provide a specific focus on the critical role of building strong Math skills.


Energizing steM Counties

Lincoln County
Logan County
Mingo County


For School Leadership

School Leadership Presentation PPT
Program Enrollment Survey: online, paper


For Partcipating Teachers

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