Best Practices to Support Student Mental Health

The Social Emotional Learning Toolkit, developed by The Education Alliance, provides age-appropriate strategies for supporting social emotional learning. Each grade-level section includes research to consider as well as activities to implement with students.

The toolkit is designed for anyone who works with students including afterschool providers, faith-based organizations, coaches, local nonprofit agencies, and more. Anyone can download the PDF version of the toolkit for free.

The Education Alliance provided two training sessions on how to integrate the mental health best practices and strategies into your ongoing student support. Recordings are of the training sessions are provided below.

The toolkit and training was made possible with generous support from the Pallottine Foundation of Huntington.

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Creative Mentoring Strategies: Supporting Students' Mental Health

On January 26, 2022, The Education Alliance will be partnering with Dr. Christine Schimmel from West Virginia University to provide workshop called Creative Mentoring Strategies. There have been substantial increases in stress and anxiety for students due to the recent pandemic. Research demonstrates that teaching students a meaning making system such as a growth mindset can assist in compensating for the negative effects of traumatic events. This session will help participants at all skill levels understand the connections between growth mindset and the protective factors that help children develop resilience. The session will provide participants with a number of creative ideas that can be used as universal and targeted interventions to assist both individual students and groups of students. Participants will receive a printed copy of the Social Emotional Learning toolkit and learn how to use the activities provided in their student support.

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