2020 Legislative Session

Through our public dialogue initiatives, The Education Alliance seeks to cultivate systemic improvement in West Virginia’s Education system by connecting community members with up-to-date education news and policy information and by providing research on important issues facing the system.

A key component of The Education Alliance’s mission is to foster dialogue between leaders and stakeholders on the issues affecting public education (see our 2020 Education Priorities). The Education Alliance believes that public education is strongest when input from all stakeholders is valued and partners feel welcomed into the process.  Our students and our state deserve an active and engaged public.

Education Committees have been busy and we are currently tracking more than 200 bills - click here for complete list.

This Week’s Bills of Note:

SB 230 Suicide Prevention in Education. Requires the routine education of all professional educators on the warning signs and resources to assist in suicide prevention. This bill passed the Senate and was reported to the House floor on 2/13. Read more here.

HB 2775 Financial Literacy in schools. The bill would require all students to complete a Financial Literacy course before graduation, and the WV Board of Education to develop standards for the course. The Committee Substitute passed House Education requiring a full credit course, clarifying the course will not replace existing math or social studies courses, and the end of course exam is not required to pass the course. This bill is set for 1st reading in the House on 2/14. 

SB 131 The Tim Tebow Bill. Bill to allow Homeschool students to participate in public school sports through the SSAC passed Senate on 2/11 and was referred to House education. Read more here.

HB 4069 Student Religious Liberties Act. Allowing students to openly express and communicate their religious beliefs without fear of discrimination against them, and requiring schools to adopt a policy for student speakers at various events. Engrossed Committee Substitute passed the House on 2/11 and was communicated to the Senate and referred to Senate Education on 2/12. Read more here.

HB 4519 Creating a summer youth intern pilot program within the Department of Commerce. This bill provides that the Department will work with employers, non-profits, and education institutions to provide for the placement of high school youths in high demand career fields. This bill passed out of House Education on 2/12 and is set for first reading on the House floor on 2/14. 

HB 4804 Relating to comprehensive systems of support for teacher and leader induction and professional growth. The Education Committee discussed the creation of a “teacher leader framework” to accomplish comprehensive systems of support related to teacher professional growth. This bill was passed from House Education, and was referred to the House Finance Committee on 2/14.

If you have questions or wish to be added to our listserve, please contact us at info@educationalliance.org.