WV Ready Graduate 

The world is changing quickly. Are West Virginia students ready for the future? The knowledge and skills needed 20 years ago are different from those needed to succeed today.

In 2018, The Education Alliance and Leadership West Virginia convened a group of educators, business leaders, parents and students to create a Portrait of a well-prepared, future-ready West Virginia High School Graduate (learn more here).

West Virginia Ready Graduate frames a new vision of the knowledge, skills and characteristics today’s students need for success. It supports an honest conversation to raise expectations beyond graduation day and enlist everyone's help.  

In Spring 2019 (high school “graduation season”) we plan to launch:

  • Call to Action: Engage 50 collaborators in a call to action. Collaborators will partner to provide local programs and resources that promote and enable WV Ready Graduates.
  • Community Engagement: Engage communities in 20,000 conversations using tools and resources developed by West Virginia Ready Graduate. The conversations will help students, parents, and the general public have a clearer understanding of the knowledge/skills today's students need and the "next steps" they can take to achieve them.

For more information, contact Gretchen Frankenberry at 304-342-7851 (phone) or gretchen@educationallinace.org.

The West Virginia Ready Graduate Initiative is not a strategic plan or a set of standards. It is a simple, easy to understand vision document that specifies the knowledge, skills and characteristics students should have when they graduate.