ESSA Comments

The Education Alliance is an independent voice, earnest advocate, and statewide participant that advances policies and practices to continually improve public school student achievement in West Virginia.  As part of our ongoing Research and Outreach efforts, the Alliance reviewed the state's draft Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Plan and submitted comments (available here).

The recent WVBE meeting referenced the public comments submitted by The Alliance on the State's ESSA Plan. We believe that public education is strongest when input from all stakeholders is valued and partners feel welcome to ask questions and raise concerns. We will continue our work to be earnest advocates and honest partners in public education. We encourage the public to review our comments and to participate in the process. Our students and our state deserve an active and engaged public. 

Research and Outreach

Business and community leaders understand the need for a strong public education system and are committed to advocating for changes that will systemically improve student achievement in West Virginia. The Education Alliance has historically played an important role in providing sound research to inform public policy through the following key strategies:

For the past several years, the Alliance has taken a more active role in identifying key priorities for improving public education and enlisting support for them. Key priorities have included:  

  • Ensuring all students can read at grade level by the end of third grade
  • Providing all students with meaningful learning time
  • Equipping students to be competitive in STEM-related education and careers
  • Equipping the public with transparent and measurable student benefits