Comprehensive Assessment of State Assessment Project
Frequently Asked Quesetions

Q - What is the purpose of The Education Alliance’s Comprehensive Assessment of State Assessment project?

A - Research is clear that a valid and reliable student learning assessment is a critical component of an effective education system.  A sound summative state assessment is required by both national and state law. The goal of the project is to provide research-based report for policy makers to enable informed decision making. 

Q –  What are the phases of the project?

A -  The Education Alliance will work with a national consultant Assessment Solutions Group (ASG) to identify the key assessment criteria valued by West Virginia stakeholders and to analyze available assessments’ strengths and weaknesses based on that criteria.  The project will include three phases of information gathering: an electronic survey, a series of focus groups, and a stakeholder convening.  The results of the research and analysis will be presented in a final report made available to the public.

Q – Does The Education Alliance support any particular assessment?

A - No, the Alliance does not endorse ACT, PARCC, SAT, Smarter Balance or any other assessment.  Throughout its 33 year history, The Education Alliance has served as an independent voice, earnest advocate, and statewide participant that advances policies and practices to improve student achievement. As in all of its policy priorities, the Alliance approaches this assessment study with no pre-conceived recommendation or determined agenda other than to provide solid, reliable, and research-based information and recommendations to policy makers and the public.

Q – How can I get involved in the project?

A – In addition to our stakeholder survey and the August 22nd Assessment Convening, interested individuals are encouraged to get involved by following updates on our website or by contacting us at  We look forward to working with all WV education stakeholders in the information gathering process and sharing our final report in the coming months.

The presentation slides from the convening can be accessed by clicking here.

For more information or questions, contact Gretchen Frankenberry at 304-342-7850.