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2019 Weekly Legislative Update on Education

A key component of the Education Alliance’s mission is to foster dialogue between leaders and stakeholders on public policy issues effecting public education (see 2019 Education Policy Priorities). The Education Alliance believes that public education is strongest when input from all stakeholders is valued and partners feel welcomed into the process.  Our students and our state deserve an active and engaged public. To support this goal, the Alliance provides weekly updates each Friday throughout the 2019 Legislative Session (click here to subscribe).


January 13-18, 2019  

The 2019 Legislative Session is off and running with both the House and Senate Education Committees holding meetings this week. To date, more than 80 education-related bills have been introduced. For a listing of those bills, click here.

Bills of note:

S.B. 1: Increasing access to career education and workforce training

  • This bill is meant to increase the quality of the state’s workforce by increasing access to career education through the establishment of Advanced Career Education (ACE) programs and the WV Invests Grant Program.
  • It is the last-dollar-in plan to provide tuition assistance for community and technical college that 
  • was introduced during last year’s session. Last year it passed the Senate with bipartisan support but was never taken up by the House.
  • The bill passed the Senate Education Committee on Tuesday (1/15) and the Senate Finance Committee on Thursday (1/18). The bill now goes to the full Senate.

H.B. 2415: Requiring the State Board of Education to adopt a policy detailing the appropriate level of computer science instruction.

  • This bill would require the State Board of Education to adopt a policy detailing the appropriate level of computer science instruction available to students.
  • The bill also requires the WV Department of Education to develop and offer professional development opportunities.
  • This bill, championed by the Governor in his State of the State Address, passed the House Education Committee on Friday (1/18). It now moves to the House Finance Committee.

*Note: Early in the session, the bill tracking spreadsheet will include all bills referenced to the Education Committees. However, as the session progresses, the tracking will shift to only tracking specific bills that are moving through the legislative process and are of particular interest to The Alliance and our stakeholders.  We will continue to follow these initiatives and priorities and will provide updates as they move through the legislative process.

If you note the absence of a bill that should be tracked, please email