AmeriCorps on the Frontline is a dropout prevention mentor-based intervention program that addresses student attendance, behavior and course performancein Cabell, Doddridge, Jefferson, Kanawha, Lincoln, Logan, Mason, Monongalia, Monroe, Pleasants, Pocahontas, Randolph, Wayne and Wood counties in West Virginia.  Through this program each participating county creates and implements an individualized dropout prevention plan. AmeriCorps members put that plan into action through direct service to students and their families.

AmeriCorps Members provide weekly mentoring sessions during the academic school year to at-risk students. They leverage additional volunteers and community organizations to support students who are at-risk for failing school because of truancy, classroom behavior problems, or poor course performance. Through meaningful professional development, on-site technical assistance, and leadership training for school, district, and community liaisons, each school develops a systemic approach that will increase their graduation rate well beyond the scope of this program.

In 2014-2015, AmeriCorps on the Frontline:

  • Provided 27,000+ hours of volunteer service
  • Leveraged the support of 237 volunteers
  • Engaged 45 Members in community service
  • Worked in 11 West Virginia counties, serving 31 local schools
  • Mentored 926 at-risk students
  • Helped students improve their attendance, behavior and course performance

Results from a third-party evaluator show evidence of strong success with 80% of students improving or maintaining in attendance, 83% of students improving or maintaining in behavior, and 52% of students improving or maintaining in course performance.