Dropout Prevention Opportunity for 3 Counties

The Education Alliance is working to improve student’s attendance, behavior and course performance through its AmeriCorps on the Frontline program. Through this program, AmeriCorps members provide a mentor-based intervention to at-risk students in grades 3-12. The program has track record of success with 50% of students improving in attendance, 71% in behavior and 64% in course performance.

An opportunity is available for 3 additional counties to receive AmeriCorps members that provide mentoring services to at-risk students and support their dropout prevention efforts.  Interested schools should submit Notice of Interest by April 17, 2018.

County Benefits:

  • Paid volunteers who will each serve 650 hours in a local school
  • Trained mentors to work students with at-risk students
  • Evidence-based program that is proven to improve student’s attendance, behavior and course performance
  • Program evaluation conducted by third-party evaluator

Member Benefits:

  • $2,255.24 toward college, graduate school or to pay back qualified student loans
  • $5,000 living stipend
  • Training opportunities and personal development

Counties Responsibility:

  • Provide a financial contribution of $1,750 per AmeriCorps member per year
  • Provide a Coordinator to administer the program on a county level
  • Provide Site Supervisors to oversee the member’s day to day activities
  • Recruit volunteers to serve as AmeriCorps members
  • Meet all data collection requirements within the time frame set 

For more information contact Emily Pratt at 304-342-7849 (phone) or emily@educationalliance.org.