Step 3: Talking with my Readiness Coach


After you’ve found your Readiness Coach you’ll need to be prepared to ask for advice. It’s often hard to talk about serious subjects, try starting off with some of these simple questions: 


  • -I’ve been trying to get better at [insert focus skill], do you have any tips?
    • –What skills have helped you most in your life? How did you develop them?
  • -I want to work on my [Focus skill] skills, can you help me with that?
    • –What is one thing I can do to practice and get better?


The most important thing in these conversations is to just communicate that you need help, and what you need help with. A single meeting won’t itself make you future Ready (although it is a great start!), so schedule another meeting with your Coach before you leave the first. This will help to motivate you to take some next steps before your next meeting. Complete a new reflection before each meeting, just to see how much you feel you’ve improved, and to see if you might need to talk about other skills.