The Education Alliance is dedicated to providing effective programs for public schools, along with tools and resources to promote best practice. Below you will find resources, toolkits, and white papers published by the Alliance.

Work-Based Learning Virtual Internship Playbook

The Work-Based Learning Virtual Internship Playbook shares how to create an internship experience that use Weekly Job Shadowing Training Modules, and Capstone Projects supported by Mentoring.

Work-Based Learning Virtual Internship Playbook

Career Readiness Guide

The Career Readiness Guide helps West Virginia high school students explore next steps and plan for after graduation.

Career Readiness Guide: The Road To Your Future


The Social Emotional Learning Toolkit provides age-appropriate strategies for supporting social emotional learning. Each grade-level section includes research to consider as well as activities to implement with students.

Social Emotional Learning Toolkit and Training


The Innovation Showcase STEM Toolkit enables local schools and districts to design and implement an Innovation Showcase in their communities.

Innovation Showcase STEM Toolkit


The Portrait of a WV Ready Graduate Playbook provides a “play-by-play” guide for schools and districts to create a similar "north star" and unified vision for ensuring that all West Virginia students are ready.

Portrait of a WV Ready Graduate Playbook

Computer Science Report

The Computer Science Reports highlights important recommendations and next steps to increase access to Computer Science education in West Virginia schools.

STEM Forward: Building West Virginia's Capacity Through Computer Science

STEM Toolkit: Guide to Innovative Learning Through STEM

The STEM Toolkit is designed for mentors use to implement science, technology, engineering, and mathematics projects with West Virginia students.

STEM Toolkit

Comprehensive Analysis of Summative Assessments Report 

The Comprehensive Analysis of Summative Assessments provides policy makers with objective information and an analytical framework that can be used to evaluate potential state assessments.

Comprehensive Analysis of Summative Assessments Report

West Virginia STEM in Afterschool Report 

The West Virginia STEM in Afterschool Report on the development of statewide partnerships and needs analysis to support quality informal science, technology, engineering, and math learning in afterschool.

STEM System Building: A Strategic Plan for Support and Sustainability

West Virginia Council on STEM Report 

The West Virginia Council of STEM report makes three strong recommendations for preparing our future workforce to meet industry needs. redundancy.

West Virginia Council on STEM Report

Frontline Network 

The Frontline Network resources help communities conduct community forums to discuss what their young people need most, and how best to deliver solutions.

Video: How Can We Help More Students Finish High School?
A Guide for Community Dialogue
A Guide for Moderators of Community Dialogues
A Guide for County Leadership Teams

Walk the Talk 

Walk the Talk is a mentoring curriculum for middle and high school students that encourages self-advocacy skills which will prepare the students for their future.

Video: Mentoring Matters
Mentor Guide
Student Notebook

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