The Caperton Center for School and Business Partnerships

Though not a brick-and-mortar building, the Caperton Center for School and Business Partnerships will provide a permanent home for programs that leverage the time and talent of business leaders across the state to strengthen education.

The Caperton Center’s purpose is to develop and sustain school-business partnerships that promote student success. It will build on the innovative leadership and strong collaborative approach of Governor Gaston Caperton to impact countless West Virginia students.

Looking ahead, the Caperton Center will focus on three primary goals:

Revitalization – The Caperton Center will complete a gap analysis of all schools’ existing business
partnerships and craft a plan to revitalize and sustain their impact on students and communities

Equity & Access – With a focus on helping traditionally under-served students, the Caperton Center
will help foster new business partnerships specifically aimed at strengthening student equity and
access to quality education through a broad array of programs, services, and events.

Innovation – The Caperton Center will have the flexibility to respond quickly to new challenges and
direct resources to emerging priorities – more important now than ever before.

By making a gift to the Caperton Center, you can help prepare West Virginia students to be productive citizens, pursue additional education and training, and begin a career.

Regional Events

For the remainder of 2021, The Caperton Center for School and Business Partnerships is offering fun and interactive ways to show your support through regional events throughout the state. Stay tuned for updates on our newsletter, or RSVP here to let us know you are interested in attending an event.

Upcoming: Zenergy Cycling Benefit Ride

The Zenergy Cycling benefit ride will take place Saturday, September 25 in Morgantown and Charleston. All of the proceeds from the 8AM and 9AM classes will go to The Caperton Center for School and Business Partnerships.

Sign up in Charleston

Sign up in Morgantown

Next Up: Restaurant Charity Drive

The Restaurant Charity Drive will take place on Saturday, October 2 in Wheeling. All day, restaurant patrons at Undo’s and Ye Olde Alpha will have the option to benefit West Virginia schools by donating to The Caperton Center for School and Business Partnerships.

How to Give

You can make an online gift through our secure portal or you can make a pledge or a contribution payable to The Education Alliance Caperton Center. To pledge a gift or learn more about how you can support the Caperton Center for School and Business Partnerships, please contact us:

304-342-7850 ext. 2

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