What is Born Learning Academy? 

The Born Learning Academy, funded by Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia, creates opportunities for families of young children to connect with local schools during the critical period of early learning prior to school enrollment. As part of the program, families participate in six engaging academies where they learn how to create teachable moments with their children. In 2018-19, nearly 200 parents and caregivers from 11 schools came together to participate in hands-on activities and discussions about what it means to be ready for kindergarten and how they can implement strategies to maximize their child’s early learning and development. The Born Learning Academy is continuing to empower families to create a better future for their children.

For more information contact Sally Barton at 304-342-7850 (phone) or sally@educationalliance.org.

Participating Schools

Born Learning is available in 8 schools during the 2019-2020 school year.

Clendenin Elementary School, Kanawha Franklin Elementary School, Pendleton Leading Creek Elementary School, Lewis Meadows Elementary School, Cabell Moorefield Elementary School, Hardy Mylan Park Elementary School, Monongalia Romney Elementary School, Hampshire Tuscarora Elementary School, Berkeley


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